Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My review of Shutter (Thai version)

One of the scariest and creepiest film I have ever seen. This is the version to see not the crappy American remake which proves again when American filmmakers try to remake a asian horror film they always fail. This is the story of a ghost haunting her ex boyfriend Tun and his friends. Some of the most frightening scenes I have seen in a film in a long while. The scene on the ladder when Natre is climbing down the ladder head first after Tun is great. The ending while I do not want to give away too much is chilling. This is the first film in a while that left goose bumps and had the hair standing up on my arms. Definitely recommended to anyone who likes creepy films


Andrew Clarke said...
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christina said...

the Thai version has the same name? And did you netflix it? I'm always looking for things to scare me. .. Unfortunately there's not enough films that do that. Or books for that matter.

sfdavide said...

Yes Christina the Thai version has the same name and I got it through Netflix